What is this?

An integral part of any initiative that Mark Longo works on is Project Management (PM). We fully embrace the notion of “Measure twice, cut once” when so much is at stake. Every project is an opportunity for organizations to reinforce that “things can be done and done well”. A successful project requires leadership, discipline and finesse in managing all relationships, motivating project resources and approving project deliverables. Project Management also requires planning, problem solving, communication and negotiation skills in order to deliver the initiative.

Mark Longo’s approach to project management is a holistic one that goes beyond simply managing the project’s budget or timeline. For Mark Longo, the true value in managing a client's initiative involves managing the client relationship as well. It requires an overarching understanding of the corporate strategic objective for the organization and how the project fits in with this organizational direction. It also requires a hands-on approach to understanding the project activities and managing the project resources.