What is this?

For many organizations, prioritizing cross-departmental or corporate initiatives can be challenging, especially in a workshop or off-site environment. In this setting, negative team dynamics can take over and lead to sub-optimal outcomes. Team dynamics tend to diverge into two extremes. At one end there is total agreement with the plan; and, at the other end, there is no agreement but the conversation continues. In either case however, there is still no guarantee that either of these groups will follow through on the priorities. We’ve worked with clients at both ends of the spectrum where they agree and commit and even where they appear to agree but then go back to their offices and proceed with their own plans.

At Mark Longo, we’ve developed a proven process that works. The secret to prioritizing key initiatives is to set the foundation. First, build the right context and agree on the ground rules. Second, agree on potential decision-making criteria and rank them. Then, clearly define each initiative so everyone is on the same page. Next, re-group to confirm all are still viable. Last, vote, rank, and discuss results and develop a moving forward plan.

Although this sounds relatively simple, gaining agreement and follow through commitment can be extremely difficult. We can help to gain alignment quickly and with the least amount of pain.