How did we get here?

We recognized a need in the Canadian marketplace where companies appreciated a consultant’s role within their business and wanted to ensure they were getting value for their consulting dollars. We asked our clients what they wanted. They told us that they appreciated the resources that had large consulting firm backgrounds. They told us that they wanted experienced project team members. And they told us that they wanted consultants who understood that people make the solutions work. With this in mind, we created Mark Longo.

What drives us?

  • Building on each other’s ideas
  • Working in tandem with the client and its resources
  • Creating a solution that works
  • Seeing the desired outcome become reality
  • Bringing new and fresh perspectives to the client’s challenge
  • Making our clients happy

The way we work

  • We collaborate with our clients
  • We build relationships
  • We’re flexible
  • We’re passionate about delivering results
  • We motivate our teams and we enjoy what we do
  • We’re focused: we don’t try to be all things
  • We ask questions that need to be answered
  • We integrate with the clients organization
  • We go the extra mile
  • We roll up our sleeves and get it done

Our Approach

At Mark Longo, we feel that we have not only the right approach in assisting our clients with their needs, but also the right people to make it happen. Our resources have proven consulting experience, and the knowledge to deliver high-quality and expert service in both public and private organizations.

Senior Management Commitment and Involvement

We find this is necessary not only during project implementation as it provides guidance and support, but also during critical post-implementation to ensure changes are reinforced.

Tailored Methodology

Each client initiative is unique; hence we do not advocate using a cookie cutter approach. Each project is assessed and planned based on the client’s needs and scope. Our proven methodologies are tailored to fit our client’s situation. This ensures a pragmatic, logical sequence is followed and pitfalls are avoided. Our solutions are robust and well thought out.

Blending in with the Culture

It is critical that activities and tasks are tailored to the organizational culture, resources and historical experience. Our ability to meld our approaches around the work and client, with its internal governance structures, policies and procedures, ultimately leads to project success!

Hands-On & Team Approach

A key success factor for Mark Longo has been our approach to project management and delivery. We believe in forming a “team” approach where knowledge and expertise are drawn from the client organization and married to our tailored approach methodology and structure in order to create a “best fit” solution. We do not come to the table with a pre-defined solution, but rather we adapt every methodology, process and tool to the client’s needs. Our philosophy is that the clients ultimately know and understand their business better than anyone else. One of our strengths is the ability to view the situation from different perspectives, research other industry best practices, and merge fresh ideas and perspectives into one to deliver innovative solutions.

Focus on Results

With clear objectives and project timelines, we keep our teams motivated and focused on the end outcomes. Our project management style is to ensure the human elements have been incorporated while projects stay on-course, on-time, and on-budget.